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The Origin of Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbology (CH) is the theory, collecting, processing, formulating and explaining the mechanism of action and guiding the clinical application of drugs, and is mainly is derived from natural medicines and processed products, including botanicals, mineral medicines such as raw plants, leaves, and others that are processed into a variety of traditional Chinese medicine products, including powders, pastes, soups, cakes and other forms. CH is developed through thousands of years of medical research on specific herbs and plants to find the best treatments for different conditions. CH's advantage compared to other health-improving products is that they are extremely easy to store, carry, and access on a day to day basis, and because Chinese Herbology is deeply rooted in natural ingredients, the remedies using these herbs often tastes naturally sweet instead of other health products which may taste bitter, making it one of the most acceptable forms of medication in China.

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